image showing the group practisingWe can perform at concerts, for corporate events and social evenings, in churches, for demonstrations and workshops, at fetes and fairs, in shopping centres and halls.

Please contact our Secretary by telephone or email [see here for details] if you are interested in booking us. We will contact you to discuss details of your enquiry and to give you details of our fee. After receiving your enquiry we will check with our members to see if we can manage the date you request, and then get back to you to confirm your booking or renegotiate a date.

Please however be aware:

  • We do not perform out of doors as the sound of the bells does not carry far in the open air.
  • We need a large space. We have a maximum of eleven ringers and a conductor, and the full team needs a level space approximately 5.5 metres wide by 3 metres deep (18 feet by 10 feet) in which to perform.
  • We also need unloading space with easy access to the venue and parking space for several cars. We have a lot to carry into your building.
  • Please book well in advance to avoid disappointment, particularly in December.
  • Does your venue have a licence for the performance of live music?

Remember! - Handbells are not just for Christmas - we perform all year round.

For the Media

Please remember that our members are amateur musicians and most of us are not available during the day because of work commitments. We appreciate that your deadlines are often very tight, but it can be difficult to arrange a group of ringers at very short notice, though we will do our best.

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